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Clash from the Past by wolfjedisamuel
Clash from the Past
They say you should put all your past behind you...But for Mal, his past has other things in mind for his confrontation. 

Commission for :iconskylarfalcon:

Took me a hell-of-a-while, but I manage to scrape up some free time to get this LAST commission done, a remanence of my vacation time. Now, I'm down to focusing on these forsaken studies and school projects. Bid me luck, I need it so.


Like anyone, Malware grew from his childish adolescent ways to a strapping young sophisticated & devilishly dominant Gryphon. However, this did not draw kindly to his previous and earlier persona. Upon stumbling through the vortex of time and space, Skylar - the Sonic-influenced avian, finds his new cocky counterpart in his current stature, in his newly build life, completely free of his distant past, but merely a foot note in time. This burned Skylar with a fiery rage within. But as argument pursues, shall past conquer over present? Or shall Michael J. Fox save the day?

Malware & Skylar (character) © :iconskylarfalcon:
wolfjedisamuel © 015
Go Big or Go Home by wolfjedisamuel
Go Big or Go Home
Never get on the bad side of a gamer, cause when they get you back, you'd be lucky to 'Stay Alive' (2006). 

Commission for :iconwhitechimera:

I've known WhiteChimera for a while. I've spoofed her in a few works in the past. And I know this particular goober, is quite a lust-for-punishment. So for the first commission, and latest work on Chimera since 2010, It was pretty fun.


We find Chimera and Wolfj. enjoying some quality time with some funny and games, a sporty round of this new multiplayer app-game called "Fappy Bird" (Disclaimer not included). The game almost resembled a temple runner-like Mario scenario, in which the players must collect the most items as quick as they can in the given time, whiles also avoiding obstacles along the process. 

5 minutes in, and a majority of the win goes to Chimera, basking in the glory of a large pixelated golden cup which seems to grow larger with each achievement. Unknowingly in reality, the size of the cup incorporates to Chimera's cup size. But since the 2 friends find themselves too occupied with their games, they barely notice a thing (Chimera the most).
2 hours and 15 minutes later and the gamers are still at it. By now, Chimera's busts have swelled to half the rooms length, nearly inches from hitting the surface of the roof. Her behemoth udders leak her price full milk, with a heavy flow as a faucet on high. You'd think Sam would have noticed this spectacle unfolding before him, but all is focused still on the game. Frustration ravages the Wolfox after only 5 wins, his attention souly on the screen of his tablet. 
Leaning back, he realizes that the warmth of the cushion between him begins to engulf him deeper and deeper into this massive mass of white tender bean-bags. As Chimera;s breast continue to grow, Wolf finally come-to and struggles to maneuver his way out of the Goliath-knockers - Swimming upwards between this enormous wall of skin and fur. 
He eventually pushes his way out, with the force of Chimera's breasts still pinning together as they fill up & expand larger. The slender wolf gasps for air in deprivation and exhaustion, wiggling his way out. As he glances over at his lust-glutton female opponent, she is seen tongue out, sweat pouring through her face & chest, her legs cringing in delight, her tall ears twitching in every pump, tail swaying gaily, and her eyes deep in desire. But yet, still allured to the game... 

Chimera (character) © :iconwhitechimera:
wolfjedisamuel © 015
Auntie Sam by wolfjedisamuel
Auntie Sam
Heeeeere's Sammy! 

Just felt like doing this. In a couple of days, I go back to school. 
Spent my month and a half nicely, good vacation, accomplished 85% of my goals. Made some major mistakes, but also some achievements.
So yeah, I leave you with this other look of Sammy.

(The outfit is based on 50% of my actual outfit, just a lil' trivia for ya'll)

Sammy Jay Wolff (character) © wolfjedisamuel 015
Testing the Limits, Again by wolfjedisamuel
Testing the Limits, Again
You know what they say, the bigger you are, the harder you flood a small country...

Part 2 - Commission for :iconhigure-san:

Hey guys guess what? I made a sequel to my New Years image:
Testing the limits by wolfjedisamuel  

I was not satisfied with the quality of that work (Being my practice on P.S.), yet people seemed to want a sequel to it days after it was posted. I never thought I'd be doing one, but thanks to good ol' "Larry", You guys get to see Zoe grow (again).


After failing to break their standing record, Wolf decided to enlist some help.
With a reputation on the line, the two eager (and dairy drenched) friends head over to the heavily guarded, heavily militarized Facilitating Utility Research (FUR) Lab in New Mexico to settle this growing dispute once and for all. 
Members of the Hyper-MILC (Molecular Internal Liquid Components) Division immediately connect Zoe to their internal dairy pump, asking her to digest their fertility serum before activating the pump. In mere seconds, a surge of excitement flows through Zoe's sexual organs (mainly her breasts and clit). Her double M-cups quickly expand to double P's. 
The researches, certain the serum has taken effect, activate the pump, plunging gallons of milk through Zoe's nipples. As the hose's nozzle shrinks into Zoe's growing nipples with passing minutes, the pump is temporarily paused to replace the hose with a larger one, ensuring the process of filling goes quicker.
However after 10 minutes, the team hit a situation, Zoe's capacity level has reached critical. The scientist attempt to disconnect the pump but the growing force in Zoe's breast have cause a form of suction, engulfing the storage & reserve units of dairy liquid the facility has. To make matters worse, the fertility serum has gone awol with Zoe's shape-shifting metabolism, thinking that Zoe's body has entered a hyper state of maternal adolescence . Her breasts now not only suck the pumping milk, but now produces a heavy amount of milk under the maternal conditions. Personnel scramble for cover or escape in the midst of Zoe's aggressive moaning and sensual thrusting on her own monstrous assets. Discord consumes the facility, but soon, something more wet will drench the area in a soaking dismay.

Zoe Lycan (character) © zoelycan
wolfjedisamuel © 015
Fountain of Youth by wolfjedisamuel
Fountain of Youth
Remember kids, eat your fruits and vegetables, and you'll be as BIG and strong(?) as Aunty Lola 

Part 1 - Commission to :iconhigure-san:

In addressing the major health issue in America, Warner Brothers Pictures decided to return to the spot light to promote a healthy living campaign. But unlike their nutty (and some-what racially/ politically discriminant) propaganda of WW2, the Bros decide to keep things hip and relevant to today's pop culture allure. Unfortunately, their consultants for this ad. campaign, of whom they entrusted faith in their social trend perspectives (only to find their perspectives were of plastic surgeons), advised the production team on their basis of celebrity longings according to the insights of stars such as Kate Upton, Christina Hendricks & Scarlet Johansson. (In which they agreed to quote: "live fit, big tit")

Hey! When in Rome...

Bugs Bunny  & Lola Bunny © "1938 - present" - “Loony Toons”,  Ben Hardaway, Cal Dalton & Tex Avery - Bob Clampett, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones & Robert McKimson ( Leon Schlesinger Productions  & Warner Brother pictures ™ )
Kirkland (logo) © (Costco Branding ™ )
wolfjedisamuel © 015
  • Mood: Optimism
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  • Watching: Monuments Men
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  • Drinking: The blood of the innocent
I resume classes for my first term in 4th year college. (To those who aren't aware) I'm a graduate of 2 years under Digital Animation  then shifted to continue on to Multimedia Arts.  (Which I currently preside under)

Ergo, my schedule becomes EVEN tighter for this year, with my time 95% spent focused on my studies (as it is difficult times and education is vital in my condition).
And judging by my latest schedule, looks to be a busier year than the last. I graduate next year (due to technicality), but I expect my internship to be taken this year. 
I'll do my best to find time and check on my status, but to those who left a watch, added my work to their favorites, sent a kind comment or two and other REALLY awesome expression of support (such as fan & gift art, llamas & points), I THANK YOU deeply from the bottom of my heart for your kindest support and appreciation.
and apologize if I am unable to accommodate all your needs.


- REQUESTS (Closed)


- TRADES (Closed) 

:iconspiderweber: (Awaiting Trade & Processing Trade: Status 52%)


- COMMISSIONS (Payment ONLY via Western Union Transfer - No Exceptions) 




Please don't hesitate to leave your suggestions or inquiries via PM. For commissions & trade, please note me to inquire for slot openings. 

But I digress, that's all for now. Wish me luck and I wish you my best and warm salutations.
Stay Awesome




Samuel Solema
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I Like Furries!
And Pie!

Current Residence: Neverland ranch
Favourite genre of music: Pop, abit of Rock, RNB, Classical
Favourite style of art: any
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Apple
Wallpaper of choice: Why do you wanna know that?
Skin of choice: by skin, you mean the color of my skin?
Favourite cartoon character: Any anthropomorphic characters
Personal Quote: "Spoofing the world one step at a time."



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